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Entry #17

Metal shit...

2009-05-15 21:55:59 by MindOverMatt

Eternalreich and I got a new song up, "Eater of Gods." Check it. More to come. Check out Dissent's myspace @ . More metal chunks from Eternalreich and myself are ah-stewin'. Keep it Metal


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2009-05-15 22:33:07

In your face On your back Down your throught Up your ass BULLPRICK!!

MindOverMatt responds:

o.k., I think you meant "throat," but it seems you may have downs syndrome so I'll let it slide. Are you trying to insult somebody or just being stupid? Fuck you fag... P.S. Dave Mustaine is a poodle headed christian cocksucker. Thoughts? Comments?


2009-10-24 02:04:42

good collab - good artists.
the word to describe it would be.... EXCELLENT! =D
and hey nothing againt dave mustaine, endgame is fuckin awesome! ;P