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Good to be back!

2009-03-15 13:03:09 by MindOverMatt

What's happening people? After a really long hiatus from this wonderful site, I finally have regained basic recording capabilities. I've got a couple new tracks up already(Moment of Loss, The Furious Yonado), and have heard some of the baddest shit ever from my awesome peers. Mr. Eternalreich has several nuggets of Metal destiny for your listening pleasure. Most recently, a demo of a collab between us called "Universal Collapse." Be sure to check all his shit as it is supreme Metal. Also, the legendary Bad Man Incorporated has some new material up that will shred your face. And BardofBlasphemy just put sick vox on a sick song by FarCryDX. So much bad ass new metal...

Good to be back!


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