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Bad Man Inc's "Quiet Killings" and Eternalreich/SpeedMetalMessiah's "Lunatic of god's Creation"

2008-10-06 01:32:54 by MindOverMatt

Sup Metalheads. I am totally happy to say that Bad Man Incorporated's latest song "Quiet Killings" is posted in it's final furious form. A very tastefully done "epic" metal groove, "Quiet Killings" definitely deserves your listen. So go check out Bad-Man-Incorporated's page and indulge in some metal madness. Speaking of metal madness, I also completed the final bass track for Eternalreich's "Lunatic of god's Creation." An older Deicide cover, it was a nice way to pay some homage to one of our early influences. And as a bonus, SpeedMetalMessiah is doing a brutal drum track for the song. Check Eteranlreich's page often, as the song should be up any day. And on a smaller note, I just returned from a trip out of town where I had the pleasure of jamming a new song with Eternalreich and our good friend Chris Davis. For a bassless preview, check "Red Planet" on Eternalreich's page. This is my next project and should be complete very soon. Metal

Bad Man Inc's "Quiet Killings" and Eternalreich/SpeedMetalMessiah's "Lunatic of god's Creation"


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2008-10-06 01:48:43

Rock on Bro!!!!!

MindOverMatt responds:

Fuck Yeah!


2008-10-06 05:29:54

DUDE! those are some SWEET guitars MAN!

MindOverMatt responds:

Thanks man! Just a picture of me and the kids.


2008-10-06 22:35:32

Fuckin Bad Ass bo'

MindOverMatt responds:

Gaddamn Whooooooo