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2008-09-29 18:15:08 by MindOverMatt

Sup Fuckers.
A couple new things. Just got done with bass for Bad-Man-Incorporated's "Quiet Killings". He plans to change a few things arrangement-wise and extend the song eventually, so consider the one posted "a preview." Also, gonna be re-posting a few songs: "Lunatic of god's Creation", Hating4AM's Nukem Remix, and maybe a louder version of "Les Mortes Miserables." Those should be up in the week to come. Also in the coming week, I plan to acquire an Ibanez 4-string fretless! I can't wait to see what new dimension this will add to some projects. Eternalreich just posted an old Monolith tune as well as a Morbid Angel cover, "Desolate Ways." Check that shit. Anyways, time to go see Iced Earth and Into Eternity and get shithoused. Have a Metal Evening motha fuckas.

New Posts!


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